ObeyYourBody Eye Contour-Intensive Serum Concentrate

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Модель: ObeyYourBody Eye Contour-Intensive Serum Concentrate
EAN / Код:
839901006688 799932578038
Производитель: Obey Your Body
Производитель: Israel
30 ml

ObeyYourBody Eye Contour-Intensive Serum Concentrate

Eye Contour-Intensive Serum Concentrate
Firms & Lifts Delicate Skin
Soothes, Calms & Conditions
Intensive Moisturizing Skincare

Highly enriched and powerful age-repair serum concentrate of herbs, minerals and vitamins for optimal care of the eye contours. Eye Contour Intensive Serum
Concentrate supplies excellent hydration and anti-aging protection to help reduce and prevent fine lines and puffiness around this delicate skin area.
Benifits :
Lifts and firms delicate skin tissue
Helps repair stressed and tired skin
Balances skin's essential moisture
Enriched with herbal oils and extracts
Original revitalizing minerals
Helps create vital & radiant looking skin
Best of Natural Ingredients:

 Eye Contour Intensive Serum Concentrate soothes and moisturizes, provides firming and lifting care and protection with a highly enriched complex of herbal oils, vitamins and  minerals.


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